Pastor Chris Carmody

Pastor Chris is the Senior Pastor at Church on Tarwin and is married to Shauna. Together they have three school-aged children and are keen to provide a nurturing church environment for families. Pastor Chris also has a passion for discipleship and training. This is highlighted by his involvement in the Grip Youth Services charity and in his role as National Training Director for CRC Churches International.




Pastor Jeff McGregor

Pastor Jeff is a Pastor at Church on Tarwin and is married to Emma. Together they have two school-aged children. Pastor Jeff is passionate about scripture and it’s interpretation, and teaching others about living in the truth of God’s word. Jeff heads up our teaching department and runs a range of course such as Alpha Marriage, the CAP course and Exploring Christianity.




Pastors John & Jean Leak

imagePastor John and Pastor Jean have a wealth of experience as head pastors at several regional churches and are now spiritual mentors at Church on Tarwin. Together they form an amazing team and enjoy sharing their passion for both local and international missions. John and Jean are also the founders of, and continue to direct, charity organisation African Action International.



Krystal Fitzpatrick

Krystal Fitzpatrick is an all rounder. She is the Leader of District 7 Youth, Grip Youth Services as well as our Evangelism Department. She has such a heart for people, helping them find there fullness in Christ. Assisted by a Husband Tim a local builder, they run with a passion for the kingdom.





Rachael Bronstring

Rachael has worked for the church in the areas of administration and finance for more than 2 years. She is in the office Mondays through to Thursdays between 9am and 3pm. Rachael is a mum of 4 beautiful daughters who keep her as busy as God does.

Rachael loves working for the church because of all of the awesome people God has put in her life, who supports her, builds her up, and challenges her in all areas. Rachael feels very blessed to be a part of the Church on Tarwin team.


Shane Comley

Shane Comley is one of the Co-Leaders of the Worship Team. He has served in the music ministry 30 years under different leaders and has a good understanding of Worship ministry. His goal is to see everyone Worship Christ in a new way.


Bec Para

Bec is currently the Kids Pastor at Church on Tarwin and is an active member of the worship team. She is married to Joe and they share a family of 7 children, some that live in Australia and some in New Zealand.

Bec has the desire to see people of all ages to experience the reality of a living, active God.

Anne Marks

Anne is married with 2 children and 11 grandchildren. Anne worked as a secondary art teacher until she retired, her last school being Chairo Christian School. She continues to enjoy teaching art to small groups of adults.

Anne’s interests include painting, calligraphy, writing, prayer, teaching and encouraging others.

Anne has fellowshipped at Church on Tarwin for around 20 years.