Church on Tarwin has a range of ministry areas to encourage people of all ages, interests and backgrounds to have fellowship together.

Our connect groups are a way for us to get together during the week. A place where we can share our lives together, pray together, have a coffee and chat together. Where we can engage with one another and grow together. We have many groups that meet either weekly or fortnightly, from women’s groups to men’s groups, from craft to coffee to Bible study, there is a group for everyone. For more details on the various connect groups, please contact Ps Jeff McGregor.


Tarwin Street Kids

Tarwin Street Kids is our Sunday kids program which is aimed at primary school age children. Our children’s leader Rebecca has a desire to see young lives grow in the goodness of God. Rebecca uses her many years of experience working with children to bring a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere to our kids ministry. Rebecca is currently studying her Bachelors in Ministry.


Drama Club

Drama club is on Wednesday nights from 4-5pm with drop off between 3:30 and 4pm for snacks and free time. This is an atmosphere where every child has the opportunity to express themselves through drama. We play games, practice monologues, create characters and even make shows.


District 7 Youth

We have a weekly youth group meeting on a Wednesday evening for teenagers aged 12 – 18. It focuses on the goodness and greatness of God and our values on the earth. It’s a place where we seek to establish trust, stability, communication, family and friendship in a safe environment.


Empowered Women

‘We build up strong, independent women’

I have run the women’s coffee group for the last 4 years. We have had big turn outs and we have had small turn outs. It doesn’t matter if we are small or big. I believe that God sends all the people who need to be in the group on the day because they need some pick me up or some support. We have a wonderful group of ladies who attend, and we love to share stories about our lives, good or bad, to each other. We are there to support and comfort one another and to just do life together, like a family would.

If you are needing something extra in your life, or just need good friends around you, then give the church a call and ask to speak to Rachael so she can give you the dates of upcoming events and coffee groups.

We are all special people of God. Everything we do is with God by our side to love and to guide us. We are God’s daughters.


Men’s Group

Each Wednesday night at 7pm the men meet in an informal setting. The aim of this group is to connect and grow men in Christ through fellowship and discipleship. We occasionally spend time mentoring the youth through shared activities. So grab a coffee, pull up a chair and let’s talk.



Every Sunday our worship team lead our church in praising God in song. We also meet together during the week to practise and fellowship together in a creative space.



Church on Tarwin is very active in its overseas missionary work, particularly in countries such as Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan. We are closely associated with African Action International, which was founded by members of our church. You can check out their current projects here.



Prayer stands out as one of the Lord’s key elements in building the Kingdom of God.  Prayer is also a journey on which the Lord will take us when we are willing.

We have a prayer meeting every Wednesday afternoon between 2-3pm during school terms at Church on Tarwin.

We also have a prayer chain at Church on Tarwin. If you would like to be part of the prayer chain please contact administration.



The Art connect group began in my home in 2010 as both an outreach and a way of getting people together for fellowship, fun and learning.

We meet every second Thursday from 1:30 to 3:30. In the past we have explored the art of zentangle, making cards, coloured pencil techniques, theory of colour, flow art and developing images. Currently we are looking into watercolour painting.